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If you’ve wanted to track down some sexy content on a celeb you saw in the news or on TV recently Celeb Taboo might be just what you’re looking for – so long as some design flaws and erratic quality won’t ruffle your feathers.

Celeb Taboo has a pretty massive library of content, with over 1,200 photo galleries and 450 movies and counting. You’ll be able to browse through this library by the celeb’s name, which works but could be made much less painful with some improvements to the site’s architecture.

The quality ranges pretty widely with the videos. At its best you’ll get good to decent quality WMV videos, and its lesser quality MPEG clips. It’s really spread out all around, with some videos offered as 1 single large file, and others offered in a series of short clips.

The photo galleries suffer from the same erratic quality. You’ll get some big, good resolution photos mixed in with scanned images from magazines and other offline media.

vision without glasses

Most models have at least 1 or more photo galleries but not all have videos, so while they cover a lot of celeb names the actual amount of sexy content for each can vary pretty dramatically, with the big names like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton obviously having quite a bit more video content, thanks to the sex tape scandals of the past.

Lastly, the site exceeds well in two important areas. First, it is updated daily, which is all to often not the case with many celeb sites that come and go. Second, the library is very large, and while not every babe has a ton of content, many do have quite a bit, and when put all together you get a pretty good bang for your buck.



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