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Pamela Anderson Naked

Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson naked

Pamela Anderson doesn’t get naked on camera anymore. Except when she’s got an exceptionally good reason, and what better one than to celebrate Hugh Hefner’s birthday.

The Baywatch star was present for Playboy’s owner’s birthday party and she showed up naked with a cake in her hand. You gotta give it to her, for being 43 years old and having had a wild life, Pammy still has it. She looked marvelously beautiful and sexy, and her body was second to none, compared to all the other current and former playmates present. So here they are: the uncensored screencaps from the video showing Pamela Anderson Naked for Hugh Hefner’s birthday party. Enjoy!

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Pamela Anderson Pussy Picture

Pamela Anderson

pamela anderson pussy

Here we have Pamela Anderson stepping out of a Rolls Royce and flashing her crotch to the world. For a gal who’s been around so many loaded guys in her not-so-short life (she’s in her early 40’s), she should be more experienced than this. Except, she may have done it on purpose.

After all, free publicity is a wonderful thing, and the quickest way to get it is to show one’s assets. Pamela Anderson has been doing this for about 20 years and it was brought her endless fame and fortune, so most likely she DID give us this wonderful upskirt opportunity intentionally. Done on purpose or not, I’m grateful for this Pamela Anderson Pussy Picture!



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Pamela Anderson Upskirt

Pamela Anderson

Pamela anderson upskirt

A Pamela Anderson Upskirt is always fashionable, and sometimes it actually happens because of fashion. While at the launching of Sebastian’s new product line, Pamela was urged to get on stage and let a haute couture designer attempt to create a outfit while using her as a live mannequin. The results were predictable yet quite fun: a Pamela Anderson’s pussy flash.

Unfortunately she was wearing panties that day, but heck, a Pamela Anderson Upskirt is a Pamela Anderson Upskirt, so let’s not get too picky here. After all, we’re talking about the hottest cougar in tinsel town flashing her panties. May we all get to see that in person one day!

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Pamela Anderson Nude

Nude Celebs, Pamela Anderson


PAMELA ANDERSON – There is very little we can say about this blonde baby that hasn’t been said before, and there is a reason for it. Pam is so hot everybody writes about her, she is the ultimate blonde bombshell and our all time favorite Playmate of all time. There is very little that can go wrong when talking about this woman’s greatness honestly.
Pams big plastic tits have earned her the cover of nudie magazines around the world, and she has certainly lived up to her fame, by enhancing her plastic bags more and more as time goes by, holding on to that naughty angel’s face, and giving us loads of material to work with. Check her out in various stages of undress hanging out by a flower field working those titties like the pro she is.



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